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About US

OKAMA was formed in 2000 to serve as a voice for Oklahoma EMS. The purpose of the Association is:
  • To provide an organized and unified voice for ambulance services to intermediaries, legislators, and regulatory bodies.
  • To develop and promote a code of ethics for ambulance services.
  • To provide for the exchange of appropriate information with those interested in ambulance services and pre-hospital medical care.
  • To promote understanding, cooperation and communication among ambulance services.
  • To develop and promote high standards of patient care and assurance of quality in pre-hospital care.
  • To initiate, sponsor, and promote educational programs, cost saving projects and research in the ambulance industry.
  • To assemble and disseminate information about ambulance services, issues and needs to ambulance services, appropriate bodies and individuals.
  • To establish cooperative liaison activities with other associations and governmental agencies interested in the improvement of emergency medical care for the benefit of ambulance providers.
  • To promote health care and safety in the state of Oklahoma.

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